Release Notes - 23.04.19

Hi everyone! We're super excited to share with you the features from our latest release. We've listened to your feedback, taken on board your comments and we're constantly improving to make your user experience better and better! Yourkeys exists to help make it easier for you to sell new homes and give everyone transparency of the process. 

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support thus far, your feedback and input is massively important to us.

We've developed a long list of new features and upgrades to Yourkeys and we're thrilled to share them with you. A handful of them are detailed below.

Timeline Updates

We've update the timelines for all users to give you more clarity on dates for all stages in the process. 

  • Estimated dates calculated for each step of the purchase process
  • Better UX for showing delays and when deadlines are approaching
  • Developers and conveyancers can see how many days +/- each sale has achieved for milestones across each development.

Tentative Reservations - Buyers can now go mobile!

You can now add reservations that are' incomplete'. If a buyer wants to reserve a property but has not yet completed all the required items you can accept that reservation and we will request those details from the buyer(s) and they can complete them from their mobile device. The items that can be 'skipped' at reservation are: Paying reservation fees; signing reservation agreements and selecting conveyancers.

  • Accept tentative reservations without signed reservation forms, paid reservations fees, or before a conveyancer is selected 
  • Buyers can complete these items from anywhere in the world on their phone 
  • This reduces delays when a buyer is not present or does not have all the information to hand

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Automated UK Finance (disclosure of incentives)(previously CML)

We know how annoying and time consuming it is filling out these forms for every single purchase, so we've developed a feature to automatically populate a big chunk of them for you. Just head to your Development settings, click the CML tab and fill out the information required, you'll only need to do this once. Then, at every reservation we'll automatically generate the form for you and submit it to the conveyancers along with the other instruction documents. Cool huh?

  • Massive time savings
  • Stakeholders have all the information straight away, accelerating the timeline

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Financial Qualification with Mortgage Advice Bureau

We've partnered with the Mortgage Advice Bureau to get your buyers qualified to make sure they can afford your properties. A huge number of reservation fall-throughs are due to poor qualification. So now, when you're adding a new reservation you can opt for MAB to qualify your buyers before proceeding with the reservation. They are on strict turnaround times to make sure you get a yes or no within 60 minutes, 7 days a week!

  • Get peace of mind by having your buyers qualified financially at point of reservation
  • Be sure that buyers are financially capable of purchasing your properties
  • Reduced fall through rate 
  • Mortgage Advice Bureau will qualify all leads within 60 minutes, 7 days a week

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Use your own Reservation Agreements

We recognise that not everyone can use our standard reservation agreement, so we've built an option to upload your own at point of reservation. This will be submitted directly to the conveyancers. Plus, we'll also include a summary document with all the details of the reservation to make sure its 100% accurate.

  • Retain control by uploading your own reservation forms to ensure buyers comply with your T&C's 
  • Yourkeys also includes a 'Reservation summary' which is automatically generated to ensure all information is compiled and formatted correctly

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Financial/Non-Financial Incentives

We've added a whole raft of financial and financial incentives for you to choose from to give you limitless flexibility when negotiating incentives with your buyers. These will automatically populate reservation agreements and UK Finance forms so everyone is on the same page. 

  • Improve your customer service and give better choice/flexibility 
  • Select from a range of financial/non financial incentives to offer your buyer 
  • You can even create your own!

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Panel Conveyancers

You can now select your 'panel' of conveyancers for your buyers. This shortlist will then be shown at the top of the list when it comes to selecting conveyancers for buyers at reservation. 

  • Offer the choice of a 'panel' of conveyancers to recommend to your buyers
  • The panel will appear at the top of conveyancer search results for your properties
  • Edit and change these whenever it suits 

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Export your Case Data

You can now package up and export all of the information about each case at the touch of a button. Click the 'Case export' button in the header of any purchase and this will pull all of the information about each stakeholder, timelines, documentation, transcripts of messages and much more into one neat package.

  • Complete audit trail as the entire transaction is fully documented
  • Ultimate convenience and comfort
  • Package/export all the data and information for a particular case at the touch of a button 

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We hope you enjoy the new features! 


Chief Product Officer

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